Pre-Paid Annual Block Hours

Triune IT Consulting offers the option to purchase a block of annual pre-paid hours, these hours can be applied to most IT services and can be invaluable for assisting with small or big issues. They can be used for removing viruses, carrying out upgrades, troubleshooting networks, consulting and many other uses. One big advantage of purchasing pre-paid hours is they are a discounted hourly rate and the more you purchase the bigger the discount.

With pre-paid hours you get a CIO, Network Admin and System Admin without the hassles of having them on staff at a rate that’s locked in.

Block Hours are priced and discounted as follows:

Block Hours Discount Hourly rate Total Cost
10 5% $123.50 $1235.00
15 8% $119.60 $1794.00 Recomended
20 12% $114.40 $2288.00

Current Full Hourly Rate: As of August 1, 2017, the current full hourly rate is $130.00 per hour

No Travel Costs: Customers located 30 miles or under from our office will not incur any travel costs.

Definitions & Terms

  1. Block hours apply to labor only, materials and equipment will be billed accordingly.
  2. Block Hours are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase expiring at midnight the night before. (example. Purchase date June 14, 2017 Expire Midnight June 13, 2018)
  3. Block Hours apply Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (observing Local, State & Federal Holidays)
  4. Once Block Hours expire remainder of work will be billed at full current rate.
  5. Triune IT Consulting will inform the customer if they are in danger of exceeding Block Hours during a visit.
  6. A member of the customers staff must be on premise during the entirety of the visit.
  7. Block Hours is not an emergency call out service and visits must be scheduled accordingly, however, Triune IT Consulting will do everything possible to respond expediently.
  8. Remote access may be used as a support option. (same billing applies)
  9. Customers more than 30 miles trip one way will be billed 15 minutes for every additional 10 miles over the 60-mile round trip. For example, if customer is 37 miles away, the round trip would be 74 miles, therefore the customer would be billed 30 minutes for the 14 additional miles.
  10. Triune IT Consulting has working partnerships with other vendors and cannot work on equipment that serviced by those vendors without their express permission.
  11. Specialized skills that require additional staff such as, but not limited to, Network Engineer, Database Engineer, System Engineer, System Architect, Software Engineer are not covered under this agreement.